Metal FAQs

What does gold ____________ mean?

14k/16k Gold Filled

Gold filled jewelry is a core metal that is known as high quality jewelers' brass. It is constructed of either two or three layers of real gold coating that is bonded together with extreme heat pressure. It is a layer of gold pressure bonded to the other metal. In the U.S the industry standard is legally set to contain a minimum of 5% pure gold by the weight or 1/20th.
Gold filled is tarnish resistant and will not flake off or turn other colors and is most importantly DURABLE. Gold filled is also a great alternative to gold plating as it is unlikely to cause any allergic reactions and will hold up and last for many years when properly taken care off.
To see how to properly take care of your jewelry please click here.
Gold Plated
Gold Plating is the most affordable and popular version gold jewelry. It is an imitation of gold that is made by electricity or chemicals to help bond a minimal thin layer of gold over another base metal such a silver, brass or nickel. After time gold plated will inevitably tarnish or start to turn color. However, if well properly taken care of you should have no problem making your jewelry pieces last much longer.
See link above to see how to properly take care of your pieces.
Where can I see if a specific jewelry piece is "gold filled/gold plated"?
Each item has a description below containing information such as sizing, materials used provided by our vendors.
So is "Gold Filled" real gold then?
Yes, the outside layer is made out of a certain percent of gold. However it is not like solid gold which contains both gold on the outside and inside but it is the BEST alternative to solid gold and preferred over gold plated.
How long does "Gold Filled" Last?
Gold Filled last has years of life expectancy as it does not tarnish quickly and easily.
May I be allergic to gold plating?
If you know specifically as to what type of metal you are allergic to you can find metals listed under each description such as nickel, zinc alloy, brass and etc. Each person has a different chemistry to gold plating that may or may not cause alleric reactions.
How long does gold plating last?
Depending on how much you take care of it, gold plating life expectancy can vary. Please see Jewelry Care to see how.